The effect of interest in changing the legal provisions

Harith Al-Issa


It is one of the established divine laws that God Almighty takes into account the human condition in understanding and implementing legal rulings, including the interests of their interests and conditions and taking into account their circumstances; The entire Sharia is based on interests. Even the one rule has taken more than one stage in gradualization of legislation and transcription, and that is only to achieve the interests of the slaves. People, and it is a guide for scholars and ijtihad to take into account the conditions of people and change circumstances in judgments and jurisprudence. What this issue was discussed is only to demonstrate that God built the whole law on interests. If the interest changes, then the legal ruling must be changed. I have indicated that from the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger, and the actions of the Companions, and clarify the philosophy of changing rulings by changing interests.


The interest, changing the legal provision.

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