Prevalence eliminating through the majority of the partners in the entire real estate within framework of the Jordanian Real Estate Property Law 2019

Naeem AL otoum


The new Real estate property Law No. (13) of 2019 introduced a new way to remove the prevalence in the real estate owned by the public by giving the partners who have at least three quarters of the shares the right to dispose of the entire property, according to specific tapes. This paper is concerned mainly with the statement of the strips that must be available so that the majority of the partners can act in the entirety of the property owned by the communists, and shed light on the criticisms that this method used to remove the methods of communion, in order to provide appropriate solutions to redress these deficiencies, especially from Through taking advantage of the experiences of Arab legislations that adopted an approach similar to that of the Jordanian legislator in this context.


Removing; commonness; property

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