Social networks and their impact on the proper functioning of criminal justice in Jordanian legislation Reality and Prospects

Tayil AL- Shiyab


There is no doubt that the crime news takes great interest from the social media and modern social media (such as Facebook, Lotus, Twitter and so on). These modern means play a real role in shaping public administration policy and people's attitudes, inclinations and minds, because of their significant impact on the change of people's intellectual, political and social attitudes that ultimately shape public opinion. Public opinion is a set of ideas and beliefs held by a wide range of people (the general public) on a life issue. Therefore, many government decisions may be reversed because of societal rejection. Hence, we say that public opinion is an inherent force once it is moved or provoked that can change a lot on the ground. Hence, this study shows the impact of social networks on the criminal justice system. We found that the publication of details of the crime, the news of the preliminary investigation and the secret trials have a clear impact on the proper functioning of criminal justice. In this spirit, and in order to ensure the proper functioning of criminal justice, the Jordanian legislator has drafted several provisions to protect this system and to guarantee human dignity and respect for humanity. It was found that the current legal texts in Jordanian legislation do not meet the ambition, so the study concluded a set of conclusions and recommendations to reflect the ambition we want in our legislation.


Social networks; Publishing; general opinion; The presumption of innocence; Secrets of the primary investigation.

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