The conflict between texts: The causes and prevention

Muhammad Said Almujahed, Ziad Abu Hammad


The study aims to explain the concept of the conflict between the Hadith or Quran texts, the causes and how to deal with it.
Then, the study touched the question of the meaning of the conflict linguistically and Idiomatically, and what are the causes of the conflict, and how to prevent it?
An analytical inductive approach was used, and the most important results are:
1-The nearest meanings has been taken for the Idiomatical meaning of Confliction by the fundamentalists are prevention, symmetry and equality.
2-The most comprehensive definition of Conflict between fundamentalists is the symmetry between the texts in a way that each one of them prevents the other.
3- The most important causes for the Conflict are:
3-1. The change of the jurisprudence provision, so the newer text eliminates the older text's provision.
3-2. Diversity in the provision are permissible, so we can take the two provisions.
3-3. The two provisions are permissible but for different cases, so each text is applied to a specific case.
3-4. The pluralism of Quran readings for the same Quran verse, leads to a different provision based on each reading.
3-5. The mention of a part of the Hadeeth rather than the whole text causes a conflict.
3-6 .The generalization of the meaning in the Quran and Hadeeth, and not giving a specific meaning and specific provision.
Finally, the study recommends taking care of collecting and studying conflicting texts and clarifying its provisions.


Conflict , texts , causes.

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