The effects of Flee from justice of the public employee In Jordanian legislation

Esam Al-Sheyyab


The researcher studied the effects of Flee from justice of the public employee (civil servant) In Jordanian and comparative legislation in three sections. First take up definition of fugitive offenders, and take up the second manifestations of desertion of the public employee from justice. The third addresses implications of the decision to consider the public employee as a fugitive. the problem of the study emerged to discuss the case in which the employee is accused of a crime of a felony type and his escape from justice at any stage of the investigation or judgment of the crime following the issuance of the decision to suspend the of the public employee from work until the court ruled on the charge against him . The effect of acquittal or conviction of the public official on the charges against him. The study found a set of results. The lack of codification of most of the comparative legislation in this case in the legislation governing the civil service. The researcher has made several recommendations, the most important was to encourage legislator to codify criminal prosecution of the public employee fugitive in the criminal procedure code & in civil service legislations Whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or in comparative law countries.


Public employee ; Public sector ; A crime ; felony ; Flee from justice ; Suspension of work.

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