The inoperative endowment assets in the capital "Amman" and the impact of professional marketing on its investment

Abdul Rahman Al-Kilani, Eman Odeh, Maya Ammar


The study deals with research on the reality of idle endowment assets in the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman. The study worked on the inventory and identification of uninvested assets within the borders of the capital, Amman, through survey field visits to all lands announced by the Department of Endowment Funds development, and to monitor attacks on those lands, The study showed the most important reasons that led to the disruption of investment, especially administrative, financial and social, and through scientific methods and a set of solutions were provided to treat these causes and move forward in developing endowment work and support its positive effects in the society. The study concluded that the Department of Endowment Funds development faces a problem in exploiting its available resources, as the amount of idle lands for investment announced as investment opportunities on the Ministry’s website at the end of the year (2018) in the Capital Governorate of Amman is only approximately (450) dunums, as well as the rest of uninvested Endowment lands that are distributed geographically to the rest of the Kingdom's governorates, which confirms the need to search for investment projects with an economic dimension that is compatible with the requirements of the endowment contract and is commensurate with its development role.


Endowment; investment; marketing; investment opportunities

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