Quotation Controllers from Quran and Hadith- Rooting Study

Mansour Abu Zaunah, Khulud Alhuwwary


The study aims to control the definition of quotation from Quran and Hadith, make a fine difference between it and representation in an attempt to formulate the necessary controllers for each quotation to be acceptable and accurate. To achieve this objective, the study employed the inferential design of the modern and past scholars’ sayings and opinions in quotation, its conditions and controllers. In addition, the study used the analytical and deductive design to come out with the necessary controllers of quotation, distinguish between them and other conditions not required by quotation. The study concluded with several results; the most significant is that accurate quotation is stipulated by several terms, including that quoted word is permitted if being emitted by an individual ( speaker, recipient), that the quoted word must not be forbidden, denied or form of sarcasm. Furthermore, the Quran or Hadith utterance must be used in an accurate Arabic meaning, and that the poet or writer should not overuse quotation so as the majority of words are quoted.


Quotation ; Quran; Hadith ;Controllers.

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