Contribution of Hierarchy Ambiguity and Dysfunctional Boundaries in Predicting Emotional Cutoff among Married Women Who Attend Mental Health Centers

Rasha Al-Tamimi, Adel Tannous


This study aims First, to determine the Levels of the emotional Cutoff, the Dysfunctional Boundaries, and the Hierarchy Ambiguity among Married Wives Who Attend Mental Health Services Centers in Jordan, Second, to explore the relationship between the Wives Emotional Cutoff and their dysfunctional Boundaries, and the Relationship between the Wives Emotional Cutoff and their hierarchy Ambiguity. Third, to reveal the Contribution of Hierarchy Ambiguity and Dysfunctional Boundaries in predicting emotional Cutoff among the Sample. In order to achieve the Study Goals, it was guided by the descriptive correlational predictive Method, A convenience Sampling Technique was adopted to collect the Data from the Participants consisted of (163) Wives with specific terms, after examining the Psychometric Properties (Validity and Reliability). Data were gathered applying emotional cutoff, dysfunctional boundaries, and hierarchy ambiguity scales developed by the researcher. The Study Results Indicated that the Levels of the Emotional cutoff and the Enmeshment among wives were High, the Disengagement level was Moderate, and a Low Level for Hierarchy Ambiguity. Moreover, the Result Revealed a Positive significant Relationship between the wives` Emotional Cutoff and their dysfunctional Boundaries and hierarchy Ambiguity, also, the Variables of the Enmeshment, Disengagement, and the Influence Strategies were predictors of emotional cutoff among Participants in Row. However, the dimension of ambiguity decision making was not a predictor of emotional cutoff. The study recommends developing preventive and therapeutic programs to increase the awareness with study variables and to treat the Problematic Cases.


Hierarchy ambiguity; Dysfunctional boundaries; Emotional cutoff; The wives who attend mental health services centers

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