The Relationship between PUBG and The Tendency to Violence among Children in the Jordanian Society fromparents’ Point of View: a Survey Study on a Sample from the Northern Region

Rami Abd Al- Hameed Aljbour, Ayman Ahmad Alkrimeen, Majida Abdel - Aziz Al-majali


This study aimed to identify the relationship between PUBG and the tendency to violence among children in the Jordanian society from the point of view of parents in the Northern Region/Jordan. The researchers based on the social survey method to collect the data from intentional sample consisted of 280 parents.The results showed that PUBG is widely used among the children and it has negative effects, which came in a high degree with a mean of (4.13). The findings also revealed a high degree of tendency to violence among children who play PUBG with a mean of (4.08). The results also showed that there is a positive relation between the negative effects of the game and the tendency to violence among children. Based on these results, several recommendations were presented.


PUBG; The Tendency to Violence; The Jordanian Society

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