Statuses of Mecca Al_Mukaramah in the Periods of Al_Sharief Hussain bin Ali "

Anas Omoush, Ibrahim AL-Sharaah


This study aims to focus the light on Mecca’s city statuses in The Hashemite period since The great Arab revelation in 1916, and advertise going The kingdom of Al- Hijaz Until finimshing the existence of The Hashemite by al –Saud in the end of the year 1924. This study focuses on the importance showing of Mecca, and consider it as took it thea capital of the kingdom of Al-Hijaz ,because of its Military importance, as well as standing on the features of the public life during the importance time in the history of Hijaz in general, and Mecca in particular. Where the study tried to observe the development features on the following observation: policy, economics, administrahon, and sociality, and showing that Mecca is very important capital in the period of the king Hussien bin Ali and tried to put rule for Al- Hijaz state, Despite of its shortage. This study standing on sources and manyvarities studies on ahead- important source and contemporaneous, it is Al.Qablah Qiblah newspaper that was issued in Mecca between (1916-1924).


Mecca, The Hashemite’s period, Al- Hijaz, Sharif Hussein and Al – Qiblah newspaper.


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