Qatar and Germany: Primacy of interests and order of priority

Amjad Zain Alaebdin Taama


The relations between Germany and Qatar look so good in various fields in spite of the non-existence of the deep historical roots between the two parties.
Today these relations are characterized by many basics and motivations that pave the way to the recent positive format, as well as the underlying important driver of these diverse interests, which provides real opportunities to convergence of visions and goals in more than one direction.
As Qatar is considered as a vital strategic partner to Germany in the region due to its economic assets and geopolitical status, Germany at the same time has a further importance to Qatar.
The study is based on the basics of the diverse interests owned by the both sides. These diverse interests could be starting point for forward looking that is reliable to the continued presence of Germany, which could be positively reflected on the present and future relationship.


Qatar, Germany, relations, interests, Future


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