The Spiral-Channel Viscous Micropump

A. T. Al-Halhouli, M. I. Kilani, A. Al-Salaymeh, S. Büttgenbach


In this work, the effect of geometrical design parameters: channel aspect ratio, mean radius to channel width ratio, and spiral curvature ratio on the flow performance of a spiral channel viscous micropump have been reviewed and investigated analytically and numerically. The combined effect of studied design parameters on the flow performance of the spiral pump was also expressed in an approximate model through geometrical drag and pressure shape factors. The analytical estimations were compared with the numerical solution and good agreement was obtained. Numerical results show that the flow rate varies linearly with both the pressure difference and boundary velocity, which supports the validity of the linear lubrication model for this problem for the full range of studied parameters. The obtained extended approximate model depicts complete representation for the influence of channel width, height, spiral curvature, spiral length, and mean radius on the flow performance of a spiral channel viscous micropump.


Micropumps, Viscous Flow, Microfluidics

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