Exploring English as A Foreign Language (EFL) Female Teachers' knowledge of Marzano's Research-Based Instructional Strategies and its Relationship with their Level of Performance in Teaching Reading Comprehension at the Educational Directorate of Zarqa

Naima Ahmad AlHusban, Ahmad Alkhawaldeh


The current study aimed to explore EFL female teachers' knowledge of Marzano's instructional strategies, their level of performance in teaching reading comprehension, and the relationship between these two variables. The sample of the study consisted of 90 EFL female teachers in the educational directorate of Zarqa1. Two research instruments were used to collect data: a questionnaire used to identify EFL teachers' knowledge of Marzano's instructional strategies and a scale used to measure teachers' levels of performance in teaching reading comprehension. Research findings revealed that EFL teachers' knowledge of the instructional strategies was middle, the performance level of EFL teachers was slightly developing, and there was no relationship between EFL teachers' knowledge of Marzano's strategies and their performance level in teaching reading comprehension. Based on the findings, it is recommended that in-service training programs focusing on how and when to use Marzano's strategies should be provided. Further studies that consider other variables such as experience and teachers' pedagogy are also recommended.


Marzano's research-based instructional strategies , teachers' performance level, reading comprehension.


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