The Effect of Education and Teaching Experience on Primary Female Teachers' Practice of the Instructional Competencies

Abdel-Latif A. Momany, Qassim M. Khaza’li


The present study sought to identify the effect of education and teaching experience on early primary female teachers' self-perceived practice of instructional competencies in private schools subordinated by Jordanian Ministry of Education within Irbid first Directorate of Education.

To achieve the study objective, a sample of 162 female teachers employed by 35 private schools within the Governorate of Irbid has been drawn out of the population consisting of 315 female teachers in 94 private schools.

The researchers developed the study instrument measuring the extent to which teacher practise instructional competencies which included 41 instructional competencies.

Findings showed that the main instructional competencies as practiced by female teachers were: considering individual differences on lesson planning, attracting and keeping students' attendance and appropriately scoring students' written and verbal responses.

Results also revealed no statistically significant differences at (α=0.05) on female teachers' practice of instructional competencies attributed to education, whereas statistical significant differences were found at (α=0.05) on female teachers' practice of instructional competencies attributed to teaching experience in favor of female teachers with a teaching experience of (6 years or more).


Education, Teaching Experience, Early Primary School.

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