The Degree of the Incorporating of life skills in Science Textbooks for the First Three Grades in Jordan.

Hesa M Aljazi, Mohammed S AlRsai, Reem AliSaleh, Khetam M Alhelalat


This study aimed to investigate to how much extent the life skills were incorporated in the science textbook for the first three grades in Jordan. A list of life skills were developed to be incorporated in the targeted books with respect of previous literature and a panel of academic and experts . 63 life skills were included in the targeted textbooks and they were distributed in these dimensions: health skills, food skills, thinking skills, emotional skills, social skills, precautionary skills, hand- scientific skills, and environmental awareness skills. The study reveled that; the number of life skills in science textbooks were 47 out of 63 life skills mentioned in the proposed list with the ratios of 74.6% and with frequency of 764 times. The dimension of thinking skills has occupied the highest ratios of 53.27%, followed by the dimension of social skills 18.72%, hand- scientific skills 17.93%, environmental awareness skills 3.93%, and the health skills and precautionary skills had the same ratio of 2.75%, food skills 0,65%, while emotional skills were not mentioned at all.


Science text books, life skills, analyzing books, the first three grades, Jordan.


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