The Factor influenced in Body Image and Depression among Breast Cancer Female Patients in Jordan

Manar Saeed BaniMustafa


Abstract: This study aimed at revealing the predicted variables in body image and depression among breast cancer female patients in Jordan by using Aggression manner in order to achieve the study purpose, both study instruments were applied on a sample consisted of (118) female patients, from the Hospital of King Abdulla the founder in Jordan through the year 2014/2015. The study showed that the depression level among cancer female patients was moderate, and that satisfying level of body image was low. In addition, the findings showed that there was a negative statistical relationship between both depression level and satisfying level of body image as whole and it's domains among female patients. Also, the findings showed that the variables which contributed statistically in interpreting the difference in depression were: satisfying body image, disease duration, disease stage, experience psychological therapy, experience surgical treatment, experience chemical treatment, experience the radiation treatment, and redesigning the breast.


body image, depression, breast cancer.


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