The Effect of Training on Group Leadership skills as a Result of Succeeding in Group Counseling Course in Jadara University.

Basem AlDahadha


This study aimed at examining the effect of training on acquiring the leadership skills of group counseling (LSGC) because of succeeding in-group counseling course in Jadara University. The sample of the study consisted of (77) students. They were chosen from two courses: the first one is group-counseling course, (experimental group) which consisted of (43) students who received theoretically and practically training and teaching through the course of group counseling. While the second one (control group) was from out of College of Educational Sciences, which consisted of (34) students who did not study the course now or before. The (LSGC) was applied on both groups before and after teaching period and after guaranteeing the psychometric properties. Results of mancova analysis test (2×2) indicated that there were significant differences for the group, gender and interaction in the means of (LSGC) in favor of experimental group, females and interaction between females and experimental group after (12) weeks of teaching and training, discussion and recommendations were made.


Leadership Skills, Group Counseling, Teaching, Practicum and Jordan.


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