The availability of educational technology culture among the students of first year

Hamzah Al-Alssaf, Abdelhafez Salamah


This study aimed to identify the availability of educational technology culture for first-year students at the University of the Middle East from their point of view, and the effect of gender factor (male - female), and their evaluation of high school (excellent, very good, good) on the availability of culture technology.
To investigate that, the researcher created a standard tool consisted in its final form - after ensuring its authenticity and stability- of (38) items, which included the areas of educational communication (7) items, non- automated teaching aids (11) items, and automated teaching aids (20) items.
The study sample consisted of (196) students from the first year level at the University of Middle East, which (139) male, and (57) female, they were selected randomly.
The study results were as following:
1. the highest grade among students were in the field of non- automated teaching aids, whereas the percentage of responses (83.1%), followed by e automated teaching aids (76.3%), and then the educational communication ranked third (74.1%).
2. There were statistically significant differences at ( ) in the responses of college students on the tool due to gender in favor of females.
3. There were statistically significant differences at ( ) between students’ evaluation: Excellent and very well and good, for the favor of excellent evaluation.
In the light of findings the researchers recommended the following:
1. the Ministry of Education should pay attention top knowledge and technological aspects and provide enough information in the curricula of primary and high school levels.
2. Conducting Further studies on larger samples, and in the different fields of education and other school levels.
3. Creating and developing a course of communication skills and educational communication in the level of primary and secondary education.


Key words: technology, educational technology, culture, higher education.


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