Superintendents’ Human Resources Management Practices and their Relationships with Public School Principals’ Satisfaction and Commitment: Principals’ Perceptions

Abdulmuhsen Ayedh Alqahtani


The study aims at testing Kuwaiti school principals’ human resource management practices (HRMPs) and their effect on job satisfaction and organizational commitment in public schools in Kuwait. Although HRMPs have been studied extensively in various industries, only a few studies have addressed the education industry. The data of the current study were collected using the survey method from a sample of 281 public school principals. Using descriptive and regression statistical methods, the findings showed that (a) principals’ perceptions about job satisfaction and organizational commitment were moderate, whereas their perceptions about their superintendents’ HRMPs were less than moderate; (b) superintendents’ HRMPs were significant predictors of job satisfaction and organizational commitment; (c) job satisfaction dimensions also significantly predicted organizational commitment; and (d) superintendents’ HRMPs led to job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Relevant recommendations were included.


Human Resource Management, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment

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