The Effect of Instruction Style on Learning Selected Badminton at University Setting

Ibrahim Abdul-Ghani Salemeh, Rajeh SadI


This study aims at designing an instructional program by using inclusion teaching style, and it aims to find out its effect on learning some basic skills of badminton for students of physical education and sports sciences faculty, Hashemia University.
Sample included (26) of registered students of badminton course in second term of scholastic year 2007/2008, where the sample divided into two groups. Experimental group (n=13) was submitted to inclusion style, meanwhile control one) n=13) was submitted to traditional method (demonstration).
Results showed that inclusion style was more effective than traditional method in learning badminton skills.
The both researches recommended applying inclusion style in learning badminton skills.


Comprehensive Achievement, Cognitive achievement, Comprehensive Achievement, Badminton

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