The Effect of An Animation Based Teaching Program on Comprehinsion Biological Concepts Among 9th Grade Female Students

Samar Moh. ALKasaji, Ayish Zaytoun


This study investigated the effect of an Animation based teaching program on Biological concepts Comprehinsion among 9th grade female students.
The main question of the study was: Is there a difference in 9th grade female students Comprehinsion of Biological concepts due to the teaching strategy (Animation based Teaching Program versus, traditional strategy)?
The subjects of the study consisted of 68 female students distributed in two groups, an experimental group and a control group at Nathief Preparatory Girl School No.1 which was intentionally selected. A thirty- items multiple choice test was made to asses students comprehension of Biologial concepts, the validity of the test was verified by a panel of jury, while it’s reliability was conducted using Cronbach Alpha for internal consistency that was equal to (0.86).
The result showed that there was a statistically significant difference at (a = 0.05) on Biological concepts Comprehinsion among 9th grade female students that is contributed to the Animation Based Teaching Program.
In view of this finding, it is recommended that Animations should be implicated into science curricula. It’s also recommended that further studies should be conducted to investigate the effect of using Animations on other variables such as scientific thinking, creative thinking, problem solving ability and attitudes to science.


Animation, Multimedia Learning, Comprehension, Biological Concepts, Science Education.

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