The Effectiveness of Rhymes and Songs in Developing First Basic Grade Students’ Oral Expression Skills

Mohammad F. Al-Hawamdeh, Imad T. Sa’di


This study aimed at investigating the effect of teaching method in its two levels: children songs and tradition on developing first graders’ oral expression skills. The participants (n=48) of the study were selected from two sections of the first basic grade at Yarmouk University Model School. One of them assigned as an experimental group and the other as a control one. For the purpose of the study, a checklist for estimating oral expression skills was developed, consisting of (21) items and four aspects (skills): intellectual, linguistic, vocal and gestural. To answer the questions of the study, means, standard deviations, MANCOVA and ANCOVA were utilized. The results indicated that the degree of oral expression skills possessed by students was medium, and also showed that rhymes and songs were effective, as a teaching method, in developing first graders’ oral expression skills; and, while there was no effect for rhymes and songs on intellectual skills, there was a significant effect for such a method on the vocal, linguistic and gestural ones. Upon the results of the study, some recommendations for instruction and research were suggested.


Children Songs, Oral Expression Skills. Intellectual, Linguistic, Vocal, Gestural, First Basic Grade.

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