Degree of The Efficacy of Using Dewey Decimal Classification on The Web (Web Dewey) From The Perspective of Catalogers At Jordanian University Libraries and Their Attitudes Towards Using It.

Younes A AlShawabkeh, Amna AlZaareer


This study aims to assess the degree of efficacy of using Web Dewey at Jordanian university libraries as perceived by catalogers and their attitudes towards using it. Other objectives were to investigate the impact of specialization, experience, and qualification variables on catalogers’ assessment of the degree of the efficacy of using Web Dewey and on their attitudes towards it. Descriptive survey method was used to collect the necessary data to answer the study questions. A questionaire was developed to include (65) items covering six areas and was distributed among (40) catalogers of whom (31) responded. Results indicated that catalogers’ estimation of the degree of the efficacy of using Web Dewey was high and that the field of “characteristics of the structure of classification data” recieved the highest proportion estimate among others.Results also revealed that there were no statistically significant differences in estimating the degree of efficacy of using Web Dewey due to the variables of specialization and experience, while showing statistically significant differences due to the variable of qualifications. In addition, catalogers' attitudes towards using Web Dewey were generally positive and not affected by the variables of specialization, experience, and qualification.


Dewey Decimal Classification ; WebDewey ; Catalogers ; University libraries.


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