Organizational Culture and its Impact in the Reduction of the Phenomenon of Violence among the Students in Jordanian Universities

Mohammad Ibrahim Al Qaddah


The study aimed at identifying the impact of organizational culture in the reduction of the violence phenomenon among the students in the Jordanian Universities. As the sample has involved (194) members of academic and administrative staff, and (583) students who were randomly chosen from the Al-Balqa’ Applied University and Princess Sumaya University for Technology. Two questionnaires were developed to the purpose of the study.
The study showed statistically significant differences between the two universities, as it produced average levels of the organizational culture and the practice of violence at Al-Balqa’ Applied University, and on the contrary, the standard of organizational culture came very high, and the level of violence was rare in Princess Sumaya University for Technology, the matter which reflects an obvious impact of organizational culture on the reduction of violence phenomenon in the universities. Based on these results, the researcher presented some relevant recommendations.


(Administrative Organization, Organizational Culture, University Violence).


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