The Effectiveness of Computerized Group Guidance Program for Anger Management Training on Reducing Aggressive Behavior of Sixth Grade Students

Wesam Hussein Alhassasnah, Nasima Ali Dawoud


The study aimed at investigating the effectiveness of computerized group guidance for anger management training on reducing aggressive behavior among Sixth grade students.
The study sample consisted of (54) Sixth grade male students attending two divisions at Musa Bin Nosair School in Qasabat Amman Educational Directorate during the second semester of the scholastic year 2013/ 2014.
The two divisions were randomly assigned to an experimental group and a control group each consisted of (27) students. Participants in the experimental group underwent a computerized group guidance for anger management training consisted of (12) training sessions for six weeks, while the control group members didn't receive any training. The participants in both groups answered a scale of aggressive behavior before and after the application of the training program. A follow-up measure was administered to the experimental group.
The results showed the effectiveness of the computerized group guidance for anger management training in reducing aggressive behavior among students. Statistically significant difference was found between the experimental group and the control group with decreased levels for the experimental group in aggressive behavior compared to the control group. The follow-up measure indicated the continuity of the impact of the training program in reducing aggressive behavior.


Computerized Group Guidance Program, Anger Management Training, Aggressive Behavior.


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