Attitudes of Accounting Students at Jordan Universities Towards Accounting as a Future Profession

Monem A Al-Saaideh, Ibraheem Y Al-Abbadi


This study aimed to investigate the Attitudes of accounting students in the Bachelors programs at Jordan universities towards accounting as a future profession, and their difference according to specific educational varaibles. The study was undertaken on a stratified-randomly selected (120) students studying at Jerash University and Al-Balqa'a University. The researchers developed a questionnaire like attitude scale utilizing scaled developed by Marriott and Marriott (2003) and Cheliki and Serinkan (2011). It consists of (15) items. Results revealed positive students' attitudes towards accounting as a future profession. Also, there were no statistically significant differences in the level of the students’ attitudes towards acconting as a future profession due to the variables of the gender of the students, the academic year, the type of the university, the educational stream and the average in the secondary stage. Among the study recommendations were to promote integration between theoretical information and practical application, to provide opportunities for better field practice, and to use different authentuic assessment methods for students’ performance.


Attitudes Towards Acoounting, Accouting Profession, Accounting Teaching.


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