Sources of Job Stress among Physical Education Teachers at Zarqa Governorate and their Intention to Leave the Profession

Ziad L. Altahayneh, Mahmoud Hatamleh


The purpose of this study was to investigate the efficacy of a rational - emotive counseling program in reducing tension and improving logical thinking among students.The sample of the study consisted of (446) female students distributed in 12 Tenth grade sections in 6 schools in Amman, two sections in each school were randomly selected and randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. Students responded to the instruments of the study: Rational and Irrational Thinking Scale; and Anxiety Inventory before and after applying the educational program. ANCOVA revealed significant differences between experimental and control groups in five out of six schools. Logical thinking has improved for the experimental groups, and level of tension reduced.


Job stress, Stress sources, A teacher

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