Manifest Content of the Adolescent and University Students' Dreams in Secondary and University Stages

Kamil H. Katalo


This study aims at identifying the manifest content of dreams (MCD) by adolescents in the secondary stage and university students, categories and indicators of dreams, the difference between the two stages, the difference in the variables of MCD (dream density, length, and recalls) according to sex and age, and their psychological problems through the MCD. The sample total was 616 dream reports from both stages and sexes (308 each /1 report by each student). Hall and Van de Castle Indicators were used to classify dream elements into categorie The results showed 10 categories and a number of indicators. Sex and age had an impact on the MCD variables.

The results were discussed and interpreted in the light of the related literature. Finally, the study is concluded with a number of recommendations.


MCD (manifest content of Dreams), Dream Density, Length, Recalls.

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