The Degree of Using Humor by Public Secondary School Principals in Jordan and its Relationship with their Interpersonal Relations with their Teachers

Nawal Madi, Rateb S. ALsaud


The purpose of this study was to examine the degree of using humor by public secondary schools principals in Jordan and its relationship with their interpersonal relations with their teachers. The sample of the study consisted of (900) male and female teachers, selected randomly. For data gathering, two instruments were used: the Multidimensional Sense of Humor Questionnaire, and the Interpersonal Relationships Questionnaire. The results of the study indicated that the level of the secondary schools principals' use of the sense of humor was moderate from the teachers' perspective, as the mean was (2.90), and the level of their interpersonal relations with teachers was positive, with a mean of (0.59). The results also showed that there was a significant difference at level (0.05≥α) between the two means for the population responses due to teachers' gender in favor of males. Moreover, the results showed that there was a relation between the principals' use of humor and their interpersonal relations with teachers, with a correlation coefficient of (0.464).


Humor, Interpersonal Relations

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