The Effect of Cold Water Immersion between 2 sessions of Running In a Hot Environment on some Physiological Responses and Running Time In the Second Session

Mohammad F. Abu Mohammad, Sameera M. Orabi


The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of cold water immersion between 2 sessions of running in a hot environment on some physiological responses and running time in the second session. Using a random blind-design, 6 athletes participated in two trials (7 days apart). Athletes ran 50 minutes on a treadmill at moderate intensity in a laboratory (34-35°c) (session 1) before 12 min of the break in either cold water immersion/trial CWI or without immersion/trial C. After the break, athletes performed an incremental running protocol on a treadmill until volitional fatigue (session 2). Trial CWI had significantly lower oral temperature, aldosterone concentration and urine specific gravity and higher heart rate and plasma volume postsession 2 than trial C. Running/endurance time was significantly longer in trail CWI (a<0.05). In conclusion, cold water immersion increased running time. The authors recommends using CWI in a hot Olympic games in 2008 in Beijing.


Hot Environment, Cold Water Immersion, Aldosterone Hormone.

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