The Development of Sixth to Tenth Graders' Metacognitive Knowledge Related to Science Reading

Hind Alhammouri, Mahmoud Alweher


This study aimed at investigating the trend of development relationship between metacognitive knowledge of science reading and class level, and exploring the components of the relationship. An adapted Yore and Craig's instrument was applied to a sample of 1423 sixth to tenth graders. Multivariate Analysis of Variance was used. The results revealed that there were no development in procedural or conditional metacognitive knowledge of science reading, or in declarative metacognitive knowledge of reading science text. However, there was development in declarative knowledge of science text among grades: six and nine, and eight and nine, and in the same knowledge related to reading strategies among grades seven and nine, only. The results showed that the relationship between metacognitive declarative knowledge of science reading and class level consisted of two components: linear and cubic.


Metacognitive knowledge, declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge, conditional knowledge, development, science reading

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