Teaching Method in Learning Some of the Basic Skills of Football Game

Waleed W. Al-Sharifi, Qusay H. Al-Zubaidi


The aim of this research is to explain the effect of using command, co-operative, exchangeable and individual teaching methods in learning some of the basic skills of football game and the comparison among the effects of using these teaching methods. The experimental method is used for its suitability with the nature of the present research. The sample of the research consisted of 80 first year students enrolled at University of Mosul, Teachers Training College, being distributed into four groups of which each one amounts to 20 students. The equivalence among them has been done according to the variables of age, height and weight in some motor skills in football game. The first experimental group used the individual method, whereas the second experimental group used the exchangeable method, the third experimental group used the co-operative method, and finally, the fourth group used the command method. The implementation of the suggested teaching program lasted for ten weeks, one teaching unit for each week which lasted for (90) minutes. The researchers used the statistical tools.

The researchers concluded the following:                                                            

-          They proved the validity of using the individual teaching method in the development of all the basic skills of football game which are under discussion.

-          The use of both exchangeable and co-operative methods demonstrated development in the skill of football game.

The researchers present a number of recommendations:        

-          The trial of using the individual method in teaching which is regarded as the best style of teaching suggested in the study according to the findings of the present research.

-          The use of other teaching methods (changeable and co-operative styles) according to the findings of the present research compared with the command style.



Football, Skills, Teaching Methods; Command, Co-operative, Exchangeable, Individual

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