The Effect of Different Time Periods for Mental Training Supported With Different Teaching Utilities in Learning Diving and Setting Skills

Abdelsalam Hussein


The subject of the current study was investigate The effect of different time periods for mental training Supported with different teaching utilities in learning diving and setting skills. The experimental approach was used. The sample consisted of (50) learners in volleyball selected randomly and distributed over (5) groups (10 learners each) and each group a program different from the other group.
Results showed tat all the program enhancement learning and setting in volley ball skills (deferent were in favor of the post test). Concerning the differences among the programs (groups).Results showed that the group with (5-8 min) supported by fixed sequential pictures and the control group. and that the group tat used the (5-8 min) supported with motional sequential pictures was better than the group :
(3-5 min supported by motional sequential pictures and control group that used the ordinary program.
It was revealed tat the (5-8 min) supported with motional sequential pictures group in learning diving and setting skills in volleyball.
It was recommended to use the mental training programs in teaching volleyball skills tarring into account age category gender, and skill difficulty.


Time Periods; Mental Training; Teaching Utilities

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