Anthropometric Indicators Contributing to some Physical Abilities among Junior Arab Badminton Players

Ahmad Alsheshany, Moen Al Khalaf, Aman Khasawneh


The purpose of this study was to investigate the anthropometric indicators contributing to some physical abilities among junior Arab badminton players. The subjects of study were Twenty Four badminton players aged (19) years or less who participated in the 2005 Junior Arab championship which was held in Amman – Jordan.

The results of the study revealed the following:

-         Chest circumference, Trunk length and Arm length were the most important variables contributing to back muscles strength.

-         Thigh length, Leg length and body weight contributed Significantly to leg muscles strength.

-         Forearne circumference is the only contributor to hand grip-strength.

-         Arm length was the only variable contributing to speed of arm movement.

-         Bi-il ac Thigh circumference and leg and thigh length were the major contributors to leg movement speed.

Based on the results of this study, it is recommended to employ anthropometric indicators used in this study as important considerations in the selection of badminton male players and to conduct a similar study on female to this game.


Anthropometric, Physical Abilities, Junior, Badminton.

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