The Attitudes of the Students at the University of Jordan towards Using the Moodle Program in Their Learning

Abdulmahdi AlJarrah, Soud AlInizi, Maisa AlDamidi, Ahmad Bani Merie


This study aimed to identify students' attitudes towards using the Moodle program in their learning. One hundred and thirty one students from the University of Jordan participated in this study during the second semester of the academic year 2012/2013. The study tool (a questionnaire) was designed to achieve its objectives, it contained (35) items distributed in three domains: the first domain: facilitate, organize and speed up the teaching-learning process; the second domain: the development of teaching methods and the changes in the role of faculty member; the third domain: reduce obstacles that face the teaching-learning process and provide an interactive learning environment to help in the human development). The results indicated positive attitudes toward using the Moodle in learning; also members of the study pointed out that Moodle has increased their participation in the classroom. Based on these findings, the study recommended the need to activate and extend Moodle use in the University of Jordan, which may help in the development of the educational process, and in offering distance-learning for those interested from members of the community.


Moodle, Learning Management System (LMS), Attitudes

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