The Effectiveness of Functional Communication Training In Decreasing Undesirable Behaviors and Developing Social Skills among Autistic Children in Jordan

Hussein M Al-Najadat, Ibrahim El-Zraigat


This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of functional communication training in decreasing undesirable behaviors and developing social skills among children with autism in Jordan. The study sample consisted of (20) autistic children aged (6-10) years, which was divided randomly into experimental and control group, each of them consisted of (10) children.
Three tools were developed to accomplish the study objectives: Undesirable Behaviors Scale, Social Skills Scale and Functional Communication Training Program for Decreasing Undesirable Behaviors and for Developing Social Skills.
The result indicated that there were statistically significant difference (α = 0.05) between the children, this difference in faviour of experimental group on the Undesirable Behaviors Scale and Social Skills Scale.


Functional Communication Training, Undesirable Behaviors,SocialSkills, Autistic Children.


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