The Effect of Aqua Aerobic Exercise on Some Anthropometrical, And Physiological Variables upon Women with Diabetic Type II in Jordan

Samira M. Orabi, Heba H. AL Damiri


The purpose of the study was identifying the effect of aqua aerobic exercise on some anthropometrical and physiological variables. The study sample consisted of 16 women in age (57.57 ± 5.4) with type II diabetes, the program consist of 12 weeks aqua aerobic exercise at the rate of 3 units per weeks with intensity range from (60 -70 %) of the maximum heart pulse rate. The results of the study revealed that there are statistical differences between pre and post measurement in favor of the post-test in: body weight, body mass index, waist circumference, hip circumference, Fat %, HBA1C. Based on the resutls, the researchers recommended using the aqua aerobic exercise program by people with diabetes.


Effect, Aqua Aerobic Exercise, Physiological Variables, Women, Diabetic.

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