Practice Extent of Continuous Assessment Competencies by Social Studies Teachers at Schools in the Holy City of Mecca

Ali A Al-Kassab, Mousa Al-Shaqifi


The purpose of the present study was to identify the practice extent of continuous assessment competencies by social studies teachers at the schools within the Holy City of Mecca. Population (N=8757) involved all secondary and middle level teachers within Holy Mecca School District during the first semester of the academic year (2014/2015). The randomly selected sample consisted of 150 male and female teachers. To achieve the study objectives, a 57-item questionnaire covering five themes was designed. Validity and reliability were verified using Pearson correlation and Chronbach alpha coefficient. Results were concluded using such statistical analyses as means, standard deviations T-test, ANOVA and Shefffe test for post hoc comparisons. Results demonstrated differences by gender on themes of professional competencies, building continuous assessment tools, and classroom interaction in favor of male teachers, whereas no such differences were found by gender on themes of multiple-choice questions, and competencies required to explain and analyze results and feedback. However, there were differences in professional competencies theme by the school level in favor of secondary teachers, In addition, differences were found on classroom interaction competencies theme by number of training courses attended by teachers in favor of no-training teachers versus those attended less than three training courses. The study recommended training teachers on employing continuous assessment competencies during lesson time.


Continuous Assessment Competencies, Social Studies Teachers, Holy City of Mecca


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