Estimates of Students of Mathematics in the Faculty of Education at Al-Aqsa University in Gaza for the Degree of the Contribution of their Education Program to their Acquirement of Cognition, Comprehension and the Skills that are Needed for Mathematics Teacher

Khalid Al-Sir


This research aimed at knowing the estimated averages for the degree of the contribution mathematics students education program in the college of education at Al-Aqsa university in Gaza to acquiring the students' teacher cognition and comprehension in two sides: the academic and educational aspects, and acquiring the skills of mathematics teachers. To achieve this purpose, the researcher prepared two questionnaires: the first, involved cognition and comprehension aspects in the educational and academic aspects. The second, involved the skills of mathematics teachers, and was implemented at 132 students. The results showed that the estimated averages for the contribution degree of mathematics students education to acquiring the student' teacher cognition and comprehension in the academic and educational aspects were intermediate. The planning and communications skills got a high estimated average. But the skills of information technology got a low average. The averages of the professional development skills and the mathematics knowledge teaching were intermediate. Also there isn't any impact of the commutated average and studious level variables and the interaction between them, on the estimated averages of teachers students.


Estimates of mathematics' students, mathematics teacher education program, cognition and comprehension, skills of mathematics teacher.


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