Comparative Efficacy of Direct Instruction and Reciprocal Teaching Strategies in Improving Reading Comprehension Skills among Students with Reading Disabilities (Dyslexia)

Bassam M Al-Adullah, Jamil M Al-Smadi


The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of two teaching strategies; direct instruction and reciprocal teaching in enhancing reading comprehension skills for students with reading disabilities in the fifth grade.
The sample of the study consisted of 30 students Formally diagnosed with reading disabilities (Dyslexia) according to Princess Sarvath College Diagnostic Tests and studying at resource rooms within private schools at the Ministry of Education; the sample was intentionally chosen to achieve the purpose of this research. The sample was grouped into three groups: the first experimental which was taught using the direct instruction strategy, the second experimental group which was taught using reciprocal teaching strategy and the final control group which was not taught by any of the previous strategies.
To achieve the goal of this research, semi-experiment methodology was used, where two tests (pre-post) were constructed by the researcher to assess the degree of progress in reading comprehension skills, and the effectiveness of the two strategies in enhancing reading comprehension skills. Both tests consisted of a reading lesson followed up by ten comprehension questions; validity and reliability were derived for both tests. Means, Standard deviations and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) were used to compare means among groups.
Results showed significant statistical differences (α =0.05) on the post test for the two experimental groups (Direct instruction and reciprocal teaching) in comparison with the control group, in favor of the two experimental groups. Furthermore, significant differences (α =0.05) were found between the two experimental groups (Direct instruction and reciprocal teaching), in favor of the reciprocal teaching strategy. This shows the advantage of reciprocal teaching strategy over direct instruction in teaching reading comprehension skills for students with reading disabilities


Direct Instruction, Reciprocal Teaching, Reading Comprehension, Reading Disabilities


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