The Effect of a Proposed Educational Program using a Court and Adapted Instruments and Employing the Ergonomics on the Young Learning Certain Handball Skills

Loui Al shwabkeh, Abdelsalam Husain, Taiysir Mansi


This study is designed to identify the effect of a proposed educational program using a court and adapted instruments and employing the ergonomics on the young learning certain handball skills. The study sample was (28) students (age 9-11 +) from Granada Primary School for Boys in Madaba Governorate. The application of the suggested educational program consisted of six weeks, three educational units a week for 45 minutes. The researcher has used the experimental design.
The results of the study reveled that there is a positive impact of the proposed educational program on improving the performance skills in handball game having adjusted the handball court and tools using the ergonomics formulae among the experimental group. The results also indicated that the proposed educational program has contributed to improving the skilful performance level in handball game among the controlling group pre and post measurement was in favor of the experimental group following the adjustment of the handball court and instruments using the ergonomics formulae.
The researcher recommends using the ergonomics in adapting the dimensions of the handball court and relevant instruments to the other age groups and using the adapted court and instruments in teaching the handball skills to group between (9-11) years of age for its impact on enhancing learning mechanism.


Educational Programs, handball skills.


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