The Contribution of Anthropometry and Physical Abilities In some Volleyball Skills performance

Arbee H. Al-Moghrabi, Abdelsalam J. Hussein


The purpose of the study was to recognize the correlation between Anthropometry physical abilities in some Volleyball skills performance. The contribution extent of Anthropometric and physical Abilities to each of these skills studied, And find the level to each of these contributions of the relevant skills studied. A study sample of (76) participant were selected among female students at the physical education at the University of Jordan. who were regesting enrolled volleyball class during first semester cheeked of 2004-2005. Each was checked for anthropometry measures, such as tallness, weight and was tested for various physical abilities such as: power, agility, explosive strength and speed-endurance. And some volleyball skills (serve, receiving. pass and attack).The two researchers recommend to the necessity of conducting bodily measurement and physical abilities which have revealed in the female students direction process into the volleyball majoring.


Volleyball, Anthropometry, Physical Abilities.

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