Effects of an Integrated Reading/Writing Approach on Improving Writing Skills of EFL Students

Hamad Al-Dosari


The importance of reading in developing writing ability has been established in prior research. Not only does reading give the writer a feel for the look at the reader-based prose but also the basis for writing. Therefore, the objective of this article is to explore the effects of reading on writing in an integrated fashion during the learning process of EFL learners learning writing in King Khalid University. The researcher used the quasi-instrumental approach to overcome the issue. The sample is all male students whose average age is of 20-22 years in the Department of English. In this research, ways of reading which are likely to promote the development of writing through integration of skills were sought for EFL reading instructions to answer the question: How can we help EFL learners develop their writing ability? The study concludes that integrated reading has a direct influence on the quality of writing as it gives positive effects on literacy development which helps students consider efficiently genre of writing in the learning process according to the percentages of t- test. T is equal to (9.100) in the level of (0.01) for reading as compared to (t) which is equal (7.417) in the same level for writing. This comparison shows an indication of improvement in the latter statistically.


Learners, writing, development, skills, quasi-experiment.


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