The Obstacles for Applying Authentic Assessment Strategies and Its Tools from the Islamic Education Teachers' Perspectives in Tafila Educational Directorate

Ahmad Thawaybeh, Khaled Al-S'oud


The study aimed to define the obstacles for applying authentic assessment strategies and its tools from the Islamic education teachers' perspectives in Tafila educational directorate.
The population of the study consisted of (140) teachers, the sample of the study consisted of (49) teachers. For achieving the goal of the study an instrument of 26 items was developed and distributed into four domains, validity and reliability were checked. The study indicated that the obstacles relating to application condition came in the first rank followed by obstacles relating to teacher. Then the obstacles relating to textbooks, and the last one were the obstacles relating to students.
The results also stated that there are statistically significant differences between the means of authentic assessment obstacles attributed to gender in the domains relating to students, teacher and textbooks for the favor of female teacher and to the instructional stage in the domains: students and textbooks for the favor of secondary stage (α ≤ 0.05). There are no statistically significant differenced attributed to the other domains or to the interactions between them .The study recommend that extra training sessions for Islamic Education teachers in the area of authentic assessment application should be hold, the supervisors and principals should be aware of how to solve the problem of these obstacles, and quantitative studies should be conducted about authentic assessment application in other subjects.


Obstacles, Islamic Education, Authentic Assessment


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