An analytical Study for Manaseer League Professional Soccer Players Personal Dimensions in Jordan

Ahmad M Al-Nawayseh, Zain Al-Abedeen Bani Hani


The current study aimed at identifying personality dimensions of Al-Manaseer League professional Players in Jordan according to the study variables of (age, playing position, player status and years of playing ). The study sample was chosen randomly. The study sample consisted of 214 footballers who were registered in the recordings of the Jordanian federation of football for the season 2012 / 2013 with a total number of 36o footballers. The descriptive approach with its survey image was used, and Friburg list of personality was also used as a tool for data collection . The following statistical methods were used (standard deviations, one-way Analysis (ANOVA), t-test and (L.S.D Test).
The study results revealed that the two dimensions of (calmness and depression) came in a moderate degree, while the other personal dimensions, such as ( nervousness , aggression ,and irritability ) came with low degree.
Due to the results of the study, it recommended that Jordanian Federation of Football instructions should have a professional psychological specialist among the club's training staff to oversee the psychological aspect when planning training programs for the club because of his active role in the translation of technical performance and skill in positive images on the pitch.


Personality dimensions, Al-Manaseer League professional.


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