The Upper Limits of Heart Diminutions and Measurements for Palestinian International Soccer team

Bashar abd aljawad, Mohammad Alhindawi


The purpose of this study was to investigate the upper limits of heart diminutions and measurements for the International Palestinian soccer team. Nineteen female soccer player were participated in the study (aged 23.9±2.8). All subjects under take the M-mode eachographic test. Results are presented as mean and stander deviations After analyzing the data, results show that the upper limits for (IVS) was 13 ml, with a mean and SD 9.58±1.35. and for the (LVIDD) the upper limits was 62 ml with mean of 53.84 ml (3.96 ±) . for the (LVMI) the upper limits was 127gm/m² with mean of 81.84 gm/m² (16.45±). and for the percentage of (LVEF) (76%) with a mean of (66%) (6.01±). Also the results of the study revealed that two of the subjects (10.5%) exceeded the normal physiological measurements (10 ml) for the (IVS) were their upper limits reached (13 ml) which considered milled hypertrophy( the gray zone which is between 13-16ml). The researchers recommended the need of the adaptation in official Institutions such as the Olympic committee these tests, and that obliges all sports federations to conduct of these tests for players.


M-mode eachographic test, Hypotrophy, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy


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