Self-assessment of the degree of values among the students of Jordanian universities

Asma'a Al-Omari


This research aimed to reveal the self-assessment of the degree of values among the students of Jordanian universities, to achieve this aim, a questionnaire has been built consisted of (53) items distributed on five areas of values, and it was conducted on a random sample included (1191) students from the University Of Jordan and AL-Ahliyya Amman University from science and human faculties during the second semester (2012-2013). The Results showed that the degree of practicing the values by the students were high, and the order according to the degree of practicing is the following: intellectual, social, political, aesthetic and economic values. The result also showed that there are statistical differences in practicing the political and social values between students according to the type of the faculty, and its more in the human faculties, and there are differences depend on the sex are for females regarding the level of the exercising the intellectual and social values, As well as the existence of differences depending on the variant of the school year for the benefit of first-year students


Practicing values, Self-assessment, practicing degree, University students.


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