The Effect of Auditory and Visual Learning Styles on Developing the Oral Expressive Performance and Accomplishment Motivation in Arabic Language of Fourth Grade Girls Students in Zarqa

Ghufran B.I. Afaneh, Suaad A. Alwaely


This study aimed at detecting the effect of learning styles, according to the auditory and visual styles, on developing the oral expressive performance and accomplishment motivation of fourth grade students in Arabic language. In order to achieve this, the two researchers selected an intentional sample of 85 students from the study population. The selected sample was divided into two experimental groups. The first experimental group was taught according to the auditory style, while the second sample was taught through the visual style. A special measuring tool geared towards specifying both the auditory and visual styles was developed by the researchers. Another prepared tool for measuring students' accomplishment motivation was applied. Moreover, the two researchers developed sequenced tests for oral knowing students' performance expression in order to detect students' performance.
The results revealed a statistically significant difference at the (α = 0.05) level on the development of students' oral excessive performance and accomplishment motivation according to the two style variables: the auditory and the visual. The differences in the first experimental group in favor of the students who were taught through the auditory style, and in the second experimental group in favor of the students who were taught through the visual style.


Auditory style, Visual style, Accomplishment motivation, Oral expressive performance

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