The Effectiveness of Using Two Teaching Styles Practice and Reciprocal to Develop some of Physical Fitness Components and Some Physiological Variables for Athletes at Yarmouk University

Mohammad Khalaf Diabat, Nart Aref Shoukeh, Nezar Mohammad Al-Wisi


This study aimed to identify the effect of two teaching styles Practice and Reciprocal to development some physical Fitness Components and some physiological variables among the students at Faculty of Physical Education at Yarmouk University. The sample of study contains of (30) students enrolled in the course of athletic course in the second semester of academic year 2011/2012. The researchers used the experimental method which was applied to the program by using two groups(n:15) for a period of eight weeks, three teaching units per week, and the other group was taught by practice style, and the number As well as (15) student. Results of the study showed an effective statistical significant in improving some physical attributes and developed some physiological variables in both styles. The group which was examined by reciprocal styles shows best and interactive level of teaching than those who followed the practice style. The researchers recommend proving the use of the reciprocal style in improving some physical attributes and some physiological variables for athletic students at Faculty of Physical Education.


Reciprocal Style, Practice Style, Athletics.

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