A Comparison between Islamic Education Teachers and Mathematics Teachers in the Degree of Using Information and Communication Technology in light of its Availability in Amman Second Directorate Public Basic Schools in Jordan

Raed Abo Latifa, Shahenaz Issa


This study aimed at comparing between Islamic Education teachers and Mathematics teachers in the degree of using (ICT) in light of its availability in the public Basic Schools in Jordan. The study sample consisted of (209) teachers. (113) of them were an Islamic Education teachers, and (96) of them were a Mathematics teachers. To achieve the objectives of the study a questionnaire of (25) items in two areas was constructed: the availability degree of (ICT), and the degree of using (ICT). After data collection and Analysis. The results showed that (ICT) was available in not-enough degree. And teachers don't use (ICT) in their teaching, as well as study results showed no statistically significant differences between the means in using (ICT) due to the Qualification and specialization.


Islamic Education, Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology, Basic Schools Teachers.

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